Antalys – CPQ

Data-driven automation of the business flow.

Antalys CPQ – 100% control of the business

Antalys CPQ focuses on our customers’ business.
Those responsible for the business can manage and update all business data themselves, completely without support from IT.

Profitable businesses​

Sellers and end customers are guided through questions and choices. It’s secures that it’s not possible to make any incorrect combinations.

Prices and margins are real-time calculated. Both for individual products and offers but also overall for the entire business.

Proactive contractual work

All business data; price lists, customer pricing, and agreements are collected and available.

It is easy to add, update and adjust prices, services, and/or products for one or more contracts or quotations at the same time.

Thanks to CPQ, we have digitized the process from lead to cash.

Johan Ekblom

CIO at Aspia

Antalys CPQ highlights

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Configure completely yourself - No code

The business department configures offers and updates agreements themselves, without support from IT. Antalys is a “no code” platform.

Real-time calculations

Real-time calculation and simulation of prices, costs, and margins.

Automatic document generation

Automatic generation of documentation such as price proposals, quotations or new/updated agreements.

Flexible platform

A module-based and data-driven platform that can be completely independent or integrated with other systems – your choice.

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Cloud-based solution

It’s quick to get started. Software service that allows you to focus all your attention on your business.

Pay for what you use

Subscription model – you only pay for what is used.

Antalys Business Studio

In Antaly’s CPQ sandbox environment, you can easily develop different pricing models or new services all by yourself. Lab until you are satisfied, then publish it into the system. 

Management of agreements that run over several years

Antalys CPQ gives you full control over all your agreements and they are easily edited when they need to be updated or adjusted. 

Unique functionality for service businesses

Are you selling services? Antalys CPQ has unique functionality where you can combine different price models and periodicities in your invoices and agreements. 

Easy to integrate with other systems



Other internal/external systems

Antalys CPQ – 100% control of the business

The CPQ that focuses on the business and is the brain and engine of your revenue generation. Secure profitable business and get proactive contract work with Antalys CPQ. Book a demo by filling in your details below. 

Get started quickly and easily

Antalys is cloud-based and can be run completely independently so you can get started quickly. You choose if and when you want to integrate with other internal and external systems.

Grow as needed

The pricing model is based on your usage so you can add users and new functionality over time.

Continuous development

We develop the system continuously in close dialogue with our customers. In this way, we ensure that Antalys always contributes value to your business. You focus on your business and we on getting the best possible support.

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